Catumbela can receive international flights in 2019

Catumbela Airport in Benguela

Catumbela Airport in Benguela

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The airport, in the Benguela province, is not certified by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Certification is due to take place shortly and the INAVIC ensured that from February 2019 onward, it will start receiving international flights.

The Catumbela Airport, which currently has two daily domestic flights, will be able to operate international flights from next year onward. The airport, which is awaiting certification, should start receiving airplanes of all kinds and, in case of bad weather or need, by decision of the crew, flights to Catumbela may land in Luanda and vice versa.

According to Rui Carreira, general director of the National Institute of Civil Aviation, the internationalization of the airport will increase air traffic and attract new investments to the South region. Two flights are carried out daily at the Catumbela Airport, one operated by the TAAG and another by a private operator, a reality that the Executive wants to see altered in 2019.

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