Catarina died but she still had a marathon to ran

Athlet with several titles in the young echelons, become brain death after Christmas. She was 12 weeks pregnant. Doctors kept her alive. The baby, extreme premature, will be born this week in Porto.

Catarina Sequeira "was rigorous. Either she put all effort into it or it was not worth it." When she was little, she "dreamed of becoming a speed canoeing athlete." But the "weight and measures" of her petite body, despite some promising first results, "could not" be competitive. For this reason, she choose the marathon, "paddling 30 kilometers per race," ending up representing Portugal in Europeans and world championships, recalls José Cunha, the coach who accompanied her throughout her career, first at Clube Náutico de Crestuma (CNC) and later in the Douro Canoa Clube - of which she was the founder, with other canonist that she herself convinced to move in.

She moved away from the competition in 2014, when her professional life began to prevent her from repeating the results she had become accustomed to: 41 medals, 17 of them gold in various categories, from junior to seniors."She wanted the high level, she did not want the mediocre" In the last years, little was known of the old athlete. And it was through a twin brother, of which she was "very close", that came the news that left everyone perplexed in the Douro Canoa Club.

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