Cape Verde on short list of safest countries in the world

Cape Verde

Cape Verde

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Medical and security services company, International SOS, has ranked Cape Verde as one of the safest tourist countries, integrating the lot of just over ten states with a "negligible" level of risk to travelers.

The conclusions can be found in the November 28 "Travel Risk Map", a map produced by that company, based in London and Singapore, which annually reports five million received calls for tourist assistance.

In this map, Cape Verde emerges as the only country in Africa ranked at the "insignificant" level - the lowest of five measures of travel safety risk.

In 2018, Cape Verde received more than 750,000 tourists, and the government set the goal of reaching one million annual tourists by 2021.

International SOS is a privately held company that works with international organizations, the largest multinational corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations, with nearly three dozen tourist support centers serving 90 countries.

Medical support for tourists is one of the company's strengths, which employs 10,000 workers worldwide, including 1,400 doctors and 200 safety specialists.

The highest security rating ("insignificant") is shared with European countries such as Andorra, Switzerland, Monaco, San Marino, Luxembourg, Denmark and Greenland, Slovenia, Norway, Iceland and Finland, plus a dozen small island states in the Caribbean and the Pacific.

For an "insignificant" level of security risk, International SOS rates "very low violent crime rates" without "significant political violence or civil unrest and little sectarian, community, racial or targeted violence against foreigners."

Moreover, in this classification, security and emergency services "are effective and the infrastructure is sound", while transportation services have a high level of security.

In terms of medical risk, namely support services in case of need for hospital treatment, Cape Verde's rating is medium, the second highest.

In the "Travel Risk Map" of 2019, Portugal presents a "low" level of safety risk for tourist travel, the second lowest, such as Sao Tome and Principe and Equatorial Guinea.

Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Brazil, Timor-Leste and Mozambique are all classified as having an "average" level of risk for travel. This is the third of five levels, in which International SOS reports periodic political unrest, violent protests, insurgency and sporadic acts of terrorism.

Still at the "medium" level are trips where tourists "may face risks of community, sectarian or racial violence and violent crime".

Countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, South Sudan and Central African Republic appear on this map as destinations that present an "extreme" safety risk to tourists.