"Bolsonaro's connection to suspects of killing Marielle is terrifying"

A year after the crime, Fernanda Chaves, the advisor who was in the car and survived, tells the DN the details of that night, her impressions on the investigation and why she prefers to omit her whereabouts ever since.

On March 14 2018, a burst of gunfire hit the car where Marielle Franco was, in the center of Rio de Janeiro. The councilwoman for the PSOL (far-left), whose political career was on the rise, died in the attack. The same happened with driver Anderson Gomes. The third passenger, adviser Fernanda Chaves, survived without any physical injury.

During a week, to mark a year on the execution, Fernanda sent audio testimonies to the DN, from a city she prefers not to reveal and during working hours of a job that she also chooses to omit, about the night of the crime, the loss of her close friend and how the crime has affected her life ever since.

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