Bin Laden's mother: "He never admitted to what he did because he loved me very much"

Bin Laden's mother with her son's photo

Bin Laden's mother with her son's photo

  |  The Guardian

Alia Ghanem, mother of the world's most famous terrorist, spoke in public for the first time. She explained to Guardian that her son was the victim of a brainwashing.

"He was a very good boy until he met some people who brainwashed him when he was in his twenties. You could say it was a cult. They got money for their cause. I told him to stay away from those people, and he never admitted to what he was doing because he loved me so much." This is how Alia Ghanem broke the silence about her son, Osama Bin Laden, in an interview with The Guardian.

Flanked by her sons Ahmad and Hassan, Alia says her eldest son was radicalized at the University of Jeddah while studying economics. There he met Abdullah Azzam, a Palestinian member of the Muslim Brotherhood, who became his spiritual guide.

"He became a different man," Alia acknowledges, photographed with a picture of Osama at her side.

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