US Astronaut Buzz Aldrin sues children for "stealing his money" former astronaut is 88 years old.

Two of the children and the former manager of the second man to walk on the Moon denounce his "mental decline" at age 88. And they tried to take control of his finances.

"Let no one think I need a guardian," Buzz Aldrin said in a Wall Street Journal interview. Now the former US Air Force colonel, best known for being the second man to set foot on the moon after Neil Armstrong, has decided to sue two of his sons and his former manager after they tried to take control of his finances.

Aldrin filed the complaint in a Florida court after his children filed a petition to secure the management of his estate, claiming their father needs a legal guardian, as, at the age of 88 he is in "mental decline." At stake is the management of the company Buzz Aldrin Enterprises and the nonprofit ShareSpace Foundation.

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