Archipelago registers more 4,000 cases of sexual abuse of minors

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Cape Verde's Public Prosecutor's Office highlighted an increase in the number of cases of child sexual abuse in the islands: more 4,221 cases this year

According to the newspaper Expresso das Ilhas, the Cape Verde Public Prosecutor's Office registered 4,221 more criminal cases of sexual abuse of minors nationwide, compared to the year of 2016/2017.

The report on the state of justice, the functioning of the Public Prosecutor's Office and the exercise of its activities in relation to the judicial year of 2017/2018 ended last July 31st, indicates that, in general, sexual offenses have increased. In the districts 823 new criminal cases were filed for this reason, when in the last report they were 523 (an increase of 57.4%), said the report.

The document quoted by Expresso das Ilhas also states that a total of 30,596 new criminal cases were filed in 2017/2018. As for typologies, at a national level, crimes against property correspond to 52.6% of entries (16,098), followed by crimes against physical and mental integrity (3,953), with 12.9%; crimes against the freedom of the people correspond to 7.9% (2 415) and crimes against the family (2 101), 6.9%