Alligators escape from captivity and are on the loose in a favela

Heavy rains in Rio de Janeiro

Heavy rains in Rio de Janeiro

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Hit by torrential rains that brought chaos to the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, the inhabitants of a favela were surprised by the presence of alligators who fled captivity after a wall collapsed.

The alligators were in a farm in the Rola favela in Santa Cruz district, west of Rio de Janeiro, and escaped last Tuesday after a collapsed wall was washed away.

Municipal environmental protection services have confirmed the mobilization of a team to try to find the alligators, without specifying the number of animals on the loose. However, insecurity in the favela, led by drug traffickers, has prevented the action of the authorities.

In a statement, the municipal services said that "their team still had no access to the favela on Wednesday because of the strong presence of drug traffickers in the area."

"I saw that the wall collapsed and two people have already seen alligators at their door," wrote one resident on social media.

Near the place where the alligators escaped, a man died electrocuted while trying to save the furniture of his flooded house.