Air Force does not affirm if sergeant arrested with drugs went through inspection before boarding

FAB airplane used by presidential entourage

According to the Armed Forces, information is part of a military inquiry that is under stealth.

The Aeronautics Command has refused to say whether Air Force Second Sergeant Manoel Silva Rodrigues, arrested in Spain with 39 kg of cocaine, underwent inspection before boarding an aircraft in support of President Jair Bolsonaro's entourage.

At a news conference, the spokesman for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), Major Daniel Rodrigues Oliveira, was asked numerous times on the subject. In all replies, he repeated that the subject is under secrecy for being part of military police investigation. He pointed out that the security procedure adopted by the Air Force for transfer missions provides boarding surveys, such as passenger and baggage inspection, but did not respond if it was performed on the support aircraft.

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