Aid to Mozambique would be bigger with a support military force from CPLP

The destruction in the city of Beira, Mozambique

The destruction in the city of Beira, Mozambique

  |  EPA/Denis Onyodi / IFRC

The tragedy in Mozambique has made it urgent for a support military force to take action in the event of a catastrophe in a CPLP country

The Chief of Staff of the Cape Verdean Armed Forces assured today, in statements to the press, that the aid to Mozambique would have been greater if the military force to support the CPLP countries in disaster situations was already operational.

Anildo Morais spoke to journalists on the sidelines of the 21st meeting of the CPLP's Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMGFA), which will take place today and Thursday in the city of Praia.

The need for the creation of this force was recently demonstrated during the tragedy in Mozambique, the military said.

"If the system was operational, we would have given more support to Mozambique", he said, noting that initially the "support came from Portugal, Brazil and Angola, but as individual actions from those countries."

Anildo Morais revealed that the work is already "very advanced regarding the procedures" and that "soon" the document that attests the creation of this force will be completed, and it will have to be signed by the ministers of Defense.

For now, the document - which "must have the consensus of all countries" - has not yet been signed by Equatorial Guinea, a situation that should be overcome during this meeting in Cape Verde.

The military force will result from the means that the countries will make available, which will be inventoried, and will involve all branches of the Armed Forces: Army, Navy and Air Force.

Also present at the meeting, António Silva Ribeiro, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces (CEMGFA) of Portugal, stressed that "the tragedy of Mozambique has made it more urgent to create this mechanism."

"Each of us will contribute with the means - depending on the capacities that it has -, to assist in natural accidents or catastrophes of any nature in the CPLP countries," he said.