Action against Isabel dos Santos only gets to court in March

Isabel dos Santos, Angolan businesswoman

Isabel dos Santos, Angolan businesswoman

  |  Pedro Granadeiro/Global Imagens

March appears decisive for the realization of the main action that the Angolan State plans to bring against the former chairman of the Board of Directors of Sonangol, Isabel dos Santos, in the Luanda Provincial Court, with the objective of recovering assets.

The reason for this expectation is the fact that the order (resulting from a request for precautionary action brought by the State), which decreed the seizure of the bank accounts and shareholdings of the businesswoman, is dated December 23, 2019.

The date becomes relevant from the moment that the Court of Luanda established up to 30 days, counting from December 23rd, for the State to proceed with the main action.

This period ended on January 30th, a date that coincides with the period in which judicial vacations are scheduled.

These judicial vacations imply a "suspension" of the period until the opening of the new judicial year in the country, which will occur between the first and the second week of March.

Thus, only in March will the Luanda Provincial Court begin to assess the main action of the Angolan State, against Isabel dos Santos and to assess the grounds for effecting or lifting the seizure.

In the process that is taking place in the Luanda Provincial Court, the Angolan State requests the payment of more than one billion dollars. The value is: 1.136.996.825,56 (billion, one hundred and thirty-six million, nine hundred and ninety-six thousand, eight hundred and twenty-five dollars and fifty cents).