40 million and jobs in Public Service Greek aid figures for the victims of the fires

The supporting measures include two million euros for the affected municipalities and jobs in Public Service for those who have lost a relative

The balance is terrible: at least 85 dead, approximately 100 missing, over 1500 destroyed houses, 2100 acres of burned forest and a village - Mati - totally reduced to ashes. The fires that happened in Greece earlier this week were the worst in the last decade and criticism is already being heard. Meanwhile, the government of Alexis Tsipras announced a package of measures that includes financial support to the victims of the fires, as well as funds for the "immediate" repair of the damages. These measures are part of a document sent to DN by the Greek Embassy in Portugal.

Criticism is directed towards disorganized, and sometimes illegal, construction in forest and coastal areas and also at the lack of prevention and fire-fighting plans focused on fires like the ones that happened earlier this week. The slow response of the fire-fighting means is also being criticized.

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