21km2 oil slick approaches Bahia

Oil on Sítio do Conde beach

Oil on Sítio do Conde beach

  |  Raul Spinassé/Folhapress

The substance has already been located in 150 places across 68 municipalities in Northeast Brazil.

Tow crude oil slicks - one spanning 21 square kilometers and the other, 3.3 square kilometers - are about 100 kilometers away from the Brazilian coast. The anomalies were spotted by oceanography professor Pablo Santos (Bahia Federal University), who specializes in remote sensing.

The slicks were spotted by a European Union satellite whose database is partially public. The radar identified the slick this Friday at 7:55 am (Brasilia time) when it was 100 kilometers off the Brazilian coast, between the states of Sergipe and Bahia.

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