Salvador wants to import Lisbon's example to Brazil

 Salvador wants to import Lisbon's example to Brazil

Bruno Reis, the deputy mayor of Bahia's capital, has visited Portugal to understand how Lisbon has dealt with homeless people.

The program will be replicated in Salvador. Lisbon's social assistance projects, which have helped dozens of people leave the streets and find a home, were one of the main reasons Bruno Reis decided to visit the Portuguese capital. The deputy mayor of Salvador (Brazil) met with Lisbon City Councilwoman Catarina Vaz Pinto and told her about the desire to 'build partnerships' between the two cities, especially in the social assistance area. "Lisbon's work with the homeless is seen as an exemplary model," said Bruno Reis in an interview with TSF.

The Salvador deputy mayor has also revealed that Lisbon City Council's projects will be replicated in Bahia's capital.

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