Macao prepares for signal 8 with passage of the super typhoon Mangkhut

 Macao prepares for signal 8 with passage of the super typhoon Mangkhut


The Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) admits there is a "high probability" that the 8th tropical storm signal will be hoisted in the territory between dawn and early next morning due to the passage of the super typhoon Mangkhut.

According to the forecasts, Mangkhut is expected to come closer to Macao on Sunday, what could "pose great threat to the territory and to the Pearl River mouth regions."

At that time, frequent high winds and showers are expected, as well as severe flooding in the lowlands, caused by the rapid rise of the water level on the riverside part of the city.

The Mangkhut super typhoon was located, on mid-day today, in the Pacific Northwest, approaching the Philippines. The winds at the center of the depression reached the top speed of 240 kilometers per hour.

SMG estimates that the super typhoon will enter the South China Sea Saturday morning, and at that time the signal 1 should be hoisted. In Macao, the forecasts point to the hoisting of signal 3 on Saturday night. Signal 8 should be hoisted in the early or mid hours of Sunday morning.

The population is once again advised to adjust behaviors and take preventive measures against strong wind situations. On Saturday night and Sunday morning, the wind should blow with intensity between 8 and 11 on the Beaufort Scale, equivalent to values between 63 and 118 kilometers per hour.