Premium  Jakarta is sinking and Indonesia wants to change its place

Jakarta sinks 25 centimeters a year, in a process that can be catastrophic 30 years from now. The rising sea levels and artificial wells are at the heart of the phenomenon.

Jakarta risks hitting the bottom. Literally. The city is sinking about 25 centimeters a year, and it is expected that in three decades it will be no more than a remembrance. The Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, has already proposed a solution: to change the place of the capital. The idea is not new. Quite the contrary. In 1957, the first head of state, Sukarno, had already spoken about it and from time to time, the idea reappears.

In any case, since 1970, the city, of 18 million inhabitants and crossed by 13 rivers, sank four meters.

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