Footfall in supermarkets 'returns to normal'-Trade Secretary

 Footfall in supermarkets 'returns to normal'-Trade Secretary

The Secretary of State for Trade, João Torres, said on Wednesday that recent data point to a "return to normality" in footfall in supermarkets, unlike the first days of Covid-19 infection in Portugal.

João Torres spoke to journalists at the end of the fourth meeting of the monitoring and evaluation group on supply and retail conditions, by videoconference, which took place today.

"If approximately two weeks ago we observed a peak in consumption, what is commonly referred to as a race to the supermarkets", over the last few days there has been a " normalisation of demand, within the context of a state of emergency".

"Footfall in supermarkets has fallen compared to the last few weeks and this should be considered positive, as a sign of maturity", he added.

Underlining that, as of today, there is no prospect of any 'stock' breakdowns, as a result of the message of confidence transmitted by the sectors of agriculture and food industry, logistics and transport and retail and distribution, João Torres said that the Government considers that there is no justification, at this moment, to impose rationing in stores.

"The legal system allows individual economic operators to ration products where this is justified. There has been no such need and the Government considers that, at this time, there is no need to impose rationing", he assured.

Despite the message of confidence, the Secretary of State for Trade stressed that it is "important that consumption continues to take place in a conscious manner", as has been verified over the last week "and in particular over the weekend and the first days of this week".