Cristiano Ronaldo "vehemently denies" rape accusation

 Cristiano Ronaldo "vehemently denies" rape accusation


Through his lawyer, CR7 "vehemently denies" the accusation of raping an American woman and classifies as 'pure inventions' some documents with eventual statements in newspapers

"So that there is no doubt: Cristiano Ronaldo vehemently denies all the accusations contained in the aforementioned lawsuit, in line with what he has done in the last nine years," said Peter S. Christiansen, a lawyer for Cristiano Ronaldo, referring to a recent civil action filed by Kathryn Mayorga, "based on events that allegedly took place in 2009."

The lawyer of the Portuguese international footballer also says that "the documents that supposedly contain statements by Mr. Ronaldo, which were reproduced by the media, are pure inventions."