WhatsApp will now ask for your permission before including you in a group

WhatsApp will change. And one of the changes present in the next update is that the application will ask the user for permission before making him join a conversation group. So far the user was 'forced' to be included, although afterwards he could leave the group. In the future it will not be so.

The latest test version, called Beta, has already brought this long requested feature and from now on a new option will be added to the application's privacy settings. When the user activates this new WhatsApp setting, they will have a valid invitation for 72 hours to decide whether to accept entering a group or not.

The application, it should be noted, will have three ways of restricting inclusion in these groups:

Everyone: Anyone can add you to a group, without depending on your permission.

Contacts only: The user can be automatically included in groups only by their contacts. If the user is added by someone who is not in the contact list, he will receive an invitation.

No one : the user can not be added to any group without giving his consent.