Nasa reveals energy sounds between Saturn and one of its moons interactions happen only between Saturn and its rings

Recording highlights dynamics and protagonism of plasma waves that dominate the environment of the giant planet.

A recent survey on the vicinity of the Grande Finale of the sound Cassini, by the US space agency

In view of this startling discovery, the researchers converted the recording of plasma waves into an audio file so that everyone can hear them. The Radio Plasma Wave Science (RPWS) instrument on NASA's Cassini spacecraft recorded an intense episode of energy exchange during one of Saturn's closest encounters on September 2nd, 2017.

"Enceladus is this small generator that circulates around Saturn and we know it is a continuous source of energy, " said Ali Sulaiman, a planetary scientist at the University of Iowa in Iowa City and a member of the RPWS team.

"We found that Saturn responds with plasma waves through the circuit of magnetic field lines that connect to Enceladus [one of Saturn's moons] from miles away, " added Sulaiman, lead author of a number of papers on the subject published in the scientific journal.

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