Is there more turbulence when you fly? Blame it on climate change

A study from a university in the United Kingdoom indicates that the turmoil has been growing and will continue to grow, affecting flight safety but also travel expenses.

Climate change is affecting the quality of human and animal life, increasing heat waves, generating more fires and droughts, but also more intense rainfall and floods. And that's not all. According to a study by the University of Reading, in the UK, published in the science journal Nature, the quality of air travel is also changing, with flights becoming more turbulent.

According to the research, climate change is strengthening "vertical wind shears at cruising altitudes," which results in greater flight instability and, consequently, more "clean air turbulence." A type of turbulence that is hardly detected by radars or devices and that pilots cannot predict. Meanwhile, US airline Boeing says it is developing a solution to detect this turbulence to help pilots, according to The Guardian.

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