Brazilians help Nasa to reach Mars in 2020

Brazilians help Nasa to reach Mars in 2020

One of the main bets of the American space agency (NASA) for the next year is the Mars mission. Behind the scenes of what may be the next step of humanity in the space race, three Brazilians are working in the research and operation sector. And the collaboration is not new.

The landing of the Curiosity robot on Mars 2012 relied on the help of Ivair Gontijo. The man from Minas Gerais arrived at NASA in 2006 and for the last five years he has been working on Mars 2020. The idea for the planned mission to be launched in July of next year, is to find carbon on the planet, still in search of past life signs.

To get to work in the United States, Gontijo had to knock a few times at NASA's door. "They did not accept me at the first time," he says. According to him, the invitation to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California only happened when the structure searched for a professional with his specific profile and found his resume in the register of a conference.

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