A flag on the moon with a Portuguese hand, that of Maria Isilda Ribeiro

Born in Sosa, Maria Isilda sewed flags for the company that became known as the maker of the one Apollo 11 astronauts left on the moon.

There was a Portuguese hand on the first American flag placed on the Moon almost 50 years ago: Maria Isilda Ribeiro was spotted for half a century for helping to sew the flag that Neil Armostrong left on the lunar soil, in front of the watchful eye of millions of spectators, who watched the feat through television all over the world. He was 23 years old and was in the United States for three years.

Born in Vagos, Maria Isilda worked for Annin & Company, a North American flagship sewing company in Roseland, New Jersey. She had arrived in 1966 - when she left the village where he was born, Sosa - when she had the task of finishing, sewing the hem and the fold to the stem of a flag that would reach the moon. At that time, the seamstress still did not know her fate. The strangeness could only be in the fabric, different. It was two inches by five feet.

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