Xanana Gusmão worried about "mental and political health" of Timorese PR


https://static.globalnoticias.pt/pg/image.aspx?brand=PG&type=generate&guid=ab4b1ee4-8799-4c75-877e-13a3956badf1&t=20180710125152Xanana Gusmão


The leader of the East Timorese government coalition, Xanana Gusmão, aimed harsh criticism today at the President's decision not to swear in several Government members.

"Allow me, Your Excellency, to begin by greeting you and wishing you all the best," writes Xanana Gusmão in a letter delivered today to Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, to which news agency Lusa had access.

"I express this sentiment because I am extremely concerned about your mental, psychological and political health amid this troubled process where it is necessary to measure skills in light of the Constitution that Your Lordships have written, mastering and interpreting it with unusual wit, inaccessible to ordinary citizens like me," Xanana's letter says.

Xanana Gusmão signs the missive as Chairman of the CNRT, and the document was sent to the President amid tension between Lu-Olo, Prime Minister Taur Matan Ruak, and the Alliance for Change and Progress (AMP - the coalition that has won the general elections with an absolute majority, consisting of the CNRT, Matan Ruak's PLP and KHUNTO.

Xanana Gusmão insists that "until the Government is fully constituted, it is not possible, in a politically responsible manner, to submit the Government Program that will put an end to the financial suffocation that the country is experiencing"


According to Xanana, it is necessary to appoint the Government members in order to "prepare, in a serious and consistent manner, a 2018 State Budget proposal that will rescue the country from the provisional twelfths regime and ensure the financing of State expenses in a systematic, regular and transparent fashion."

If the situation persists, he says, "it will be the sole responsibility of the President of the Republic, who insists on maintaining the political deadlock he himself has created by not respecting the sovereign will of the Timorese people"


"The political situation in our country is on the brink of collapse and this is dangerous, because the financial resources of the State are very limited, and therefore all political leaders should conduct their actions with prudence, honesty and wisdom.", Xanana's letter reads.