Unpopular and isolated Temer cabinet hints at early end


https://static.globalnoticias.pt/pg/image.aspx?brand=PG&type=generate&guid=fb67dbb9-b3c7-4776-94b5-bc68b90f7a15&t=20180614014431epa06802809 Brazilian President Michel Temer (R) takes part in a ceremony to sign decrees in order to regulate the Mining Code and the revenue law for Financial Compensation on the Exploitation of Mineral Resources in Brasilia, Brazil, 12 June 2018. Temer has imposed new rules for mining activity which includes increasing environmental responsibility for companies that operate in the sector. EPA / Joedson Alves

Brazilian President Michel Temer"s tenure is signalling an early end against the backdrop of all-time high unpopularity and declining congressional support.

With just four months to go before the end of the current term, Temer"s cabinet scraped bills previously deemed a priority.

Source: Folha de S. Paulo