Trump says deal should only happen after 2020

Trump says deal should only happen after 2020


US President Donald Trump said he wants a "full trade deal" with China, rejecting partial deals, but believes such understanding will only come after the 2020 presidential elections.

Trump said the relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping is very good, but acknowledged that it has not been easy to find a solution to the "trade war" that has separated the two countries for a year and a half.

While referring to this trade conflict as "a small dispute," the US President acknowledged that there should only be a way out of this problem after the November 2020presidential elections, stating that he will not accept partial agreements, but also admitting that it would be good for the reelection campaign if the US and China came to an understanding before these elections.

Negotiating teams from both countries return to the negotiating table next week in Washington, to prepare a summit between Trump and Xi Jinping scheduled for later this year.