The PT struggles to have influential names in 2020

Lula da Silva

Lula da Silva

  |  Reuters

Lula wants to seize elections to defend "petist" governments and himself, but the lack of competitive candidates and other obstacles make it difficult to plan.

One of the first indication of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to the Brazilian Labour Party as soon as he left jail three weeks ago, was for the party to launch as many candidates for mayor as possible in 2020, especially in cities where there is daily election time on TV. Lula wants to take advantage of the municipal elections to defend the Labour governments and himself. However, the lack of competitive and suitable candidates replaced by older members and political interests of regional chieftains make it difficult to comply.

In São Paulo, the largest city in the country, PT is still looking for a candidate. An important division of the party, led by Lula, invests in the return of former mayor Marta Suplicy. They know that the maneuver is risky, but they believe that, with Lula's approval, the joint can be successful. Otherwise, pressure must return to Fernando Haddad to take on the task. The former mayor has said several times that he does not want to be a candidate. He argues that he needs to organize his personal life and that three elections within six years is a big deal - he ran for 2015for reelection to City Hall and for 2018for presidency.

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