Terrorist group leader reveals plan to kill Bolsonaro

Terrorist group leader reveals plan to kill Bolsonaro

The leader of Silvestre Secret Society (SSS) gave an interview to Veja magazine, where he told his organization's plans to kill the president of Brazil

Veja magazine from Brazil interviewed a terrorist leader of the Silvestre Secret Society (SSS), the Brazilian arm of the Individualists Tending to the Wild (ITS), where he revealed plans for an attack on the life of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

The interview was conducted through a deep web chat and Anhangá, as the terrorist was revealed to be named, also said that an attack was considered at the presidential inauguration ceremony, but that it did not go forward due to the "enrome risk" given that it would not be sure if they would leave there "alive".

"An attack on Jair Bolsonaro will always be a latent possibility. ITS-Mexico injured a Mexican senator with a book bomb, if I'm not mistaken. ITS-Chile almost kills the president of one of the country's largest state-owned companies with a bomb package two months or so ago. These high-ranking people are not untouchable, just need to know the vulnerabilities. People think we're still, but we study our targets weekly, and we always try to get explosives and more powerful weapons. If the opportunity arrives on our doorstep, Bolsonaro will end up like Luis Donaldo Colosio (Mexican politician, killed in a bombing attack in 1994) ", confessed the terrorist.

Last September 6, 2018Bolsonaro, still campaigning for the presidential election, was stabbed during a rally and was later operated and recovered without any problems.