State had proposed two alternatives to the collapsed Borba road. Neither of them moved forward

The quarry where the road fell into

As an alternative to the section of the old EN255 that collapsed on Monday, the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology proposed the construction of two new roads. There was no agreement

Responsibility for the road was transferred to the Borba city council in 2005. Why hasn't the EN255 been closed? The question is repeatedly asked since Monday, after the road collapse resulted in two people killed and, for now, three missing. The images show a precarious road and there is an increasing number of testimonies about the precarious state of the road linking Borba to Vila Viçosa. Who is responsible for this road and its conservation state?

This section of the old EN255 has been under the tutelage of the Borba Municipal Council since 2005, year in which it lost the category of National Road and ceased to be under the authority of Estradas de Portugal.

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