See how Xi Jinping received João Lourenço in Beijing

Angolan President João Lourenço began today a two-day official visit to China, where he was about a month and a half ago trying to obtain loans from Beijing valued at 11.7 billion dollars (9.830 million euros).

The official program began with the laying of a wreath at the Tiananmen Square in the center of China's capital, which contains a 38-meter monument erected in memory of Chinese heroes.

Then came a meeting of João Lourenço with Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang, with Parliament representatives and hearings with Chinese business entities.

The highlight of the first day of the visit, which ended with an official dinner hosted by Chinese President Xi Jinping, took place with official talks between the two delegations, led by their respective heads of state, which culminated in the signing of four legal instruments.

These include the Agreement to Avoid Double Taxation, the Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation between the two Countries, the Agreement on the Line of Credit between the Chinese Development Bank and the Ministry of Finance, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding on Human Resources.

For Wednesday, the second and last day, João Lourenço's program reserves a trip to the Huawei Technology Center and visits to various enterprises in the city of Tianjin.

In that city, João Lourenço will learn about the operation of the Tianjin Modern Technology Marginal Zone, the Municipal Planning Pavilion and an area with Italian-style architecture.

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