Secret services analyze Hotel Pestana's video surveillance

Attorney General Terek William Saab heads the investigation

Attorney General Terek William Saab heads the investigation

The Bolivian Intelligence Service is restricting access to the Portuguese hotel as part of the investigation into Saturday's attack on Nicolás Maduro

Officials of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN, secret services), of Venezuela, continue to restrict access to the Portuguese-owned Pestana Caracas Hotel, and are reviewing guest lists and videos from the security cameras.

According to hotel sources, SEBIN staff members are going through the hotel guest list and the videos from the different security cameras. SEBIN staff members evacuated the Pestana Caracas Hotel on Monday, allegedly due to the investigations related to Saturday's attack on Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

The guests at the Pestana Caracas Hotel were rehoused at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

Although unofficial sources report the arrest of two people, some hotel employees say they are not aware of any arrests.

Owned by the Pestana Group, of Portugal, the Pestana Caracas Hotel was inaugurated in 2008, during the visit to Venezuela of the then Portuguese Prime Minister José Sócrates.