Sao Tome government displeased with President's "veiled threats"

Jorge Bom Jesus

Jorge Bom Jesus

  |  DR

The coalition that backs the Sao Tomean government addressed the nation today to express the "firmest dissatisfaction" with the president's "veiled threats" against the executive.

"Just now that we have clear signs of peace, stability and good governance in our country, the President of the Republic, out of nowhere, utters veiled threats targeted at the government and, consequently, at the rule of law," said the coalition in a statement read by MLSTP-PSD Secretary General Arlindo Barbosa.

The parties that comprise the new parliamentary majority (besides the MLSTP, the PCD-UDD-MDFM coalition) are "astonished" at the reasons Sao Tome President Evaristo Carvalho has given for his address.

"The astonishment is even greater when we all know that the President has turned a deaf ear to the many situations, if not atrocities, that occurred in the country" during the administration of former Prime Minister Patrice Trovoada (ADI, now in the opposition).

The coalition that backs the government challenged the president to "tell the nation and the international community he is categorically opposed to the efforts being carried out by judicial authorities to ascertain the truth about the financial scandals and the mismanagement of public funds."

They reiterated their support for Jorge Bom Jesus' government and said they hope "common sense, the principle of separation of powers, and respect for the laws of the Republic" will prevail.

In turn, PCD chairman Arlindo Carvalho said Evaristo Carvalho is "being pressured to create a crisis as an opportunity for worse things."

He further argued that the president's address on Tuesday "depicted the country's political situation in a way that has nothing to do with internal reality."

Arlindo Carvalho said he hopes "there will be an internal example of partnership and collaboration between sovereign bodies, a partnership and collaboration that will be capitalized for the well-being of this nation."

In his address, Evaristo Carvalho announced that he will "soon" convene the Council of State and the Superior Defense Council to discuss what he described as a "premeditated attempt to subvert the constitutional order," and warned that he will consider the "measures the situation requires."

The president mentioned cases such as the resignation of the former Central Bank governor and the appointment his successor; "the hasty order" to cease the mission of several ambassadors; and what he described as the "usurpation" of the powers of the Public Prosecutor's Office by the Criminal Police.

"In order to prevent the debacle and a chaotic situation, and in view of the obvious financial difficulties the country is facing and the usual rigor of our international partners, I will consider taking the measures that the situation requires and which the Constitution allows," said Sao Tome's president.