"Russian-African relations are on the rise"

"Russian-African relations are on the rise"


In an interview with Russian news agency TASS, Vladimir Putin talks about the Russia-Africa summit to be held on October 23-24 in Sochi.

The Sochi Summit aims to open a new chapter in relations between the Russian Federation and African countries. Participating countries will bring their cooperation ideas to Sochi. What can Russia offer to African countries? What is Russia's main competitive advantage that you will present to the heads of delegations at the Summit? What volume of Russian investment in African economies do you expect to achieve, say, over the next five years?

Russia and African states have traditionally enjoyed friendly, time-tested relations. Our country has played a significant role in the liberation of the continent, supporting the struggle of its peoples against colonialism, racism, and apartheid. Later on, we helped African countries protect their independence and sovereignty, gain statehood, form the basis for national economies, and create capable armed forces.

Important infrastructure facilities, such as hydroelectric power plants, roads, and industrial plants were built by Soviet - and subsequently Russian - specialists. Thousands of Africans have received quality professional education at our universities. Many current African leaders remember this and value our support. We too keep the memory of those pages of history.

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