Public funds for political parties have increased almost 500% in 20 years

The Chamber of Deputies is seen in Brasilia

Public money for political parties has grown almost 500% since 1996.

The "Fundo Partidário," (meant to finance political parties) will reach an amount close to R$1 billion next year, having grown in the last decades as the number of parties in the country multiplied.

In 2018, 30 parties won the right to be represented in the Chamber of Deputies, hitting another record. Twenty-three years ago, there were 19 parties sitting in Congress.

With R$ 927,7 million palnned for next year, the fund was created in the middle of the 1990's to finance the administrative costs of political parties. It is supplied with budget allocations - approved by the deputies themselves and senators - and by electoral fines applied to those same parties.

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