PT's candidate to the Presidency, Fernando Haddad faces 32 lawsuits

Harassed by the escalation of bad news, the PT militant sees his rejection index climb

Harassed by the escalation of bad news, the PT militant sees his rejection index climb

  |  Marcelo Chello/CJPRESS/Estadão Conteúdo

Lula proposed candidate, Fernando Haddad faces 32 lawsuits, ranging from receiving money from Car Wash to complaints of administrative dishonesty and overbilling of construction work. The candidate mirrors the PT model of malfeasance in public management.

Fernando Haddad was not chosen by the convict Lula to replace him in the presidential race by chance. He carries the same mischievous DNA of his political godfather, imprisoned at the Federal Police Superintendency in Curitiba since April. The PT candidate for the presidency answers to 32 lawsuits, which make him one of the champions in crime record during his public life. In the long list of accusations, Haddad, already defendant in two lawsuits, is accused of receiving cash from two members of a condemned contractor in Operation Car Wash, charged with crimes of administrative dishonesty, suspect of overbilling construction works and services, accused of deviating resources and even of illegal application of public money. As if it was not enough to be directly involved in numerous irregularities, the presidential candidate, commanded by Lula, surrounded himself in the campaign for the Palácio do Planalto of advisers and coordinators who were also indicted for crimes in Petrolão, giving concrete sings that the party will reactivate - in an eventual future government - the corruption machine oiled during the 13 years of PT in power. Worse. In addition to the risk of ethical regression, the election of a new Lula pupil to president will bring back the threat of inefficiency and administrative incompetence that marked Haddad's management both of São Paulo City Hall and the Ministry of Education.

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