President Nyusi announces that Russia has forgiven 95% of Mozambique's debt

Filipe Nyusi was received by Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin

Filipe Nyusi was received by Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin

  |  Foto: Kremlin

The Mozambican Presidente, Filipe Nyusi, announced that Russia forgave 95% of Mozambique's debt, during the state visit, which he is holding since Tuesday to that country.

"I want to hail Russia's decision, with a strong impact on the national economy, of forgiving 95% of Mozambique's debt", said the Mozambican head of state on Wednesday in Moscow.

The Mozambican President, quoted today by the newspaper O País, which accompanies the Nyusi entourage, advanced the information during the Mozambique-Russia Business Forum, which brought together another 400 Russian and 46 Mozambican businessmen, during a four-day visit to that country.

Russia's debt relief extends to other Southern African Development Community countries such as Tanzania, but details are still scarce.

On the same trip, officials of Gazprombank bank met the Mozambican head of state, where the bank announced its intention to finance the National Hydrocarbon Company (ENH), which needs US $ 2 billion to enter the project of natural gas exploration in area 1 of the Rovuma basin.