Portugal in the Schengen area is not an obstacle to the free circulation in the CPLP

The ambassador of Cape Verde in Lisbon, Eurico Monteiro

The ambassador of Cape Verde in Lisbon, Eurico Monteiro

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It is all prepared for the agreement on mobility in the CPLP to be signed on July 19 in Cabo Verde. Eurico Monteiro guarantees that there have already been "significant advances"

The ambassador of Cabo Verde in Lisbon and CPLP, Eurico Monteiro, hopes that at the next meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, on July 19, in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, "there will be the signing of the nine member states in the mobility agreement ". The fact that Portugal belongs to the European Union and the Schengen area will not be an obstacle. "The convention has been studied to be compatible with the obligations and commitments of the member states. It is an aspect that is duly safeguarded", said Eurico Monteiro, after the second joint technical meeting on mobility.

Asked by Plataforma if there are, currently, member states in a position to advance first in the free movement partners that interest them, the ambassador of Cape Verde in Lisbon preferred to speak of the collective. "Since all the States have attended and were active in the two joint technical meetings, they have made oral and written proposals, this means a manifestation of great will and commitment which leads to the expectation that a large part will be able to advance in a first moment" he said. "We also hope that all member states will sign the framework agreement on the 19th, and then choose the modalities that best fit their internal realities."

In any case, the discussion on free movement among the nine member states of the CPLP is not yet closed. "We will produce a report stating that there have been significant advances in the matter but that there are still points that did not have consensus."