Platform says scrutiny credibility may be compromised

Voters prepare to vote in Chimoio, province of Manica, on October 15, 2019

Voters prepare to vote in Chimoio, province of Manica, on October 15, 2019

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Platform Monitor, a coalition of Mozambican civil society organizations, said this Friday that the credibility of the 15th general election could be significantly compromised and heightening the tension, due to various illicit situations that occurred during the poll.

"Despite the seemingly smooth course of the voting day, the several illicitities reported in all seven provinces observed [by the platform] lead us to the preliminary conclusion that, in general throughout the country, they can significantly undermine the credibility of the elections", reads the preliminary report released today.

According to the coalition, illicit situations have also been detected by other polling organizations and carry the potential to frustrate Mozambican citizens in the coming days and lead to increased tension.

"In addition, the decision of the electoral bodies to publish results only within 15 days and the opposition's silence on preliminary results may further fuel this tension", the text said.

The Platform Monitor exemplifies concrete cases of what it considers illegal, such as the discovery of two voters with 11 ballots already filled in the district of Angoche, province of Nampula, and another person caught in the same district with 20 extra ballot papers.

In the provinces of Nampula, Zambézia, Sofala and Manica several voters were "frustrated" that their names did not appear on the electoral roll, he adds.

In Angoche district, a nominating delegate from the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo) was the victim of aggression for attempting to search voters suspected of holding extra ballot papers, the Monitor Platform said.

The coalition accuses electoral bodies of preventing observers from performing their work at various polling stations.

"There have been cases of polling station staff, especially political parties' delegates who were not holding credentials, a violation of the electoral law," said the Platform Monitor.