PF and MPF investigate threats made against Jean Wyllys since 2012

Jean Wyllys has decided to abandon his mandate and leave Brazil after threats

Terrorist group accused of the threats is the target of at least two police operations

The threats to federal deputy Jean Wyllys (PSOL), who decided to leave Brazil, are being investigated by the Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry since 2012. The group accused of the terrorist actions is the target of at least two police operations: Intolerância and Bravata. Marcelo Valle Siqueira Mello, one of the authors, was convicted in 2012 and 2018.

Mello is part of the group entitled "Homem Sanctus" and was arrested in May of last year during Operation Bravata. He was sentenced to 41 years in prison and to the payment of $ 1 million by Federal Judge Marcos Josegrei da Silva of the 14th Federal Court in Curitiba.

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