Parliament of Guinea-Bissau withdraws powers to the President of the Republic

The President of Guinea-Bissau, José Mário Vaz, speaks to reporters after being received by the Portuguese counterpart, Aníbal Cavaco Silva (absent from the photograph) at Palácio de Belém, Lisbon, March 26, 2015. MÁRIO CRUZ / Lusa

Most of the members of the National People's Congress of Guinea-Bissau today approved a resolution calling for the immediate cessation of the constitutional functions of the President of the Republic and his replacement in office by the President of Parliament.

The resolution that removes José Mário Vaz, whose term ended on Sunday, was approved by 54 of the 102 deputies of the parliament, that is, the deputies of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGGC), Assembly of the United People - The Democratic Party of Guinea-Bissau, the Union for Change and the New Democracy Party, which make up the majority.

Members of the Movement for Democratic Alternation of Guinea-Bissau (Madem-G15) and the Social Renewal Party (PRS) were not present at the session.