Movement calls for protest after Bolsonaro controversial statements

Movement calls for protest after Bolsonaro controversial statements

The Fearless People Front movement called for a protest against positions of the President of Brazil next Monday, and the "authoritarian escalation in the country"

In an event created on Facebook social network, the protest, entitled "Dictatorship Never Again", is promoted by the Fearless People Front and by activist Guilherme Boulos, leader of the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST) and former Brazil presidential candidate.

The protest organizers allege that Bolsonaro "attacked with words, the memory of Fernando Santa Cruz, the missing politician of the dictatorship, revealing his complicity with crime and made a joke of 58 prison deaths in Pará."

On Monday, Bolsonaro caused controversy by saying that the activist - father of the current president of the Brazilian Bar Association, Felipe Santa Cruz - was killed by members of a left-wing political organization called Popular Action, a version that did not coincides with that of the agencies responsible for investigating political crimes committed in the country during the military regime.

The Brazilian head of state also declined to comment on a massacre that occurred inside a prison in the state of Pará this week, which ended with 58 dead. Four other inmates who were transferred from that prison also died in a truck while being transported to another prison.

Speaking to the press, Bolsonaro said he would rather know what the prisoners' victims thought of the massacre.

The organizers of the demonstration also criticize a decree issued by Justice Minister Sergio Moro, which authorizes the summary expulsion of foreigners considered dangerous.

The organizers also add that the Brazilian President and his Government act to "intimidate society and attack those who resist".

"At the same time they attack rights conquered in the constitution of 1988, such as Public Welfare and university autonomy, in addition to curving national sovereignty", they say.

The protest will take place on Paulista Avenue, in the center of the largest city in Brazil, from 18:00 (22: 00 in Lisbon).