Moro paves way to be president in 2022

Sérgio Moro (left) with Paulo Guedes, Minister of Finance for Bolsonaro's government

"To combat corruption and organized crime," Judge accepts invitation from Bolsonaro, to whom he may succeed in the next election, says president's aid. Due to this, PT deputies speak of "fraud of the century" and demand the release of Lula

After an hour and a half meeting at the condominium of Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) in Barra de Tijuca, on the west side of Rio de Janeiro, Sergio Moro accepted the invitation to join the next government as minister of justice. The judge who led Operation Lava-Jato and sentenced Lula da Silva to prison may, in the meanwhile, become the successor to the president-elect in the presidential suffrage of 2022, the aids of the retired captain believe.

The members of Bolsonaro's hard core, who has already said and repeated that he does not intend to run again, talk to each other about this possibility,says Folha de S. Paulo columnist Monica Bergamo. Moro, who in an interview in 2016 to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo assured that he would never exchange justice for politics, seems, according to his interlocutors, to be willing to pursue a career in the area.

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