Moro denies colluding with "Lava Jato" and says he will not leave the government

Sérgio Moro, ministro da Justiça do Brasil

Sérgio Moro, ministro da Justiça do Brasil

  |   REUTERS/Adriano Machado

Conversations revealed by The Intercept website do not compromise evidence and accusations, said Minister.

The Minister of Justice Sergio Moro said in an interview to the newspaper " O Estado de S. Paulo" that he didn't act in colluding with the "Lava Jato" task force in the messages exchanged with the prosecutor Deltan Dallagnol.

The Intercept Brasil website published last Sunday (9) private conversations in the Telegram application, which, according to the publication, show an exchange of collaborations between Moro and Deltan during the investigations.

The minister said during the interview, published on Friday (14), that he does not intend to leave this appointed office, under Jair Bolsonaro, and ruled out having committed any illegality. "I would walk away if there was a situation that would lead to the conclusion that there has been improper behavior on my part," he said.

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