Momade defends peace in its takeover as president of Renamo

Renamo's new leader, Ossufo Momade (left), during the party's 6th Congress in Gorongosa, Mozambique

The new president of the Mozambican National Resistance (Renamo), Ossufo Momade, defended today the cohesion in the party, in the face of the general elections of October 15, ensuring the "commitment for peace"

"We need unity [in the party], for a victory in the next elections," Ossufo Momade said in his first speech as president-elect of the main opposition party in Mozambique, at the end of the 6th Congress in Gorongosa, Sofala, Mozambique.

Ossufo Momade, who has been running the party for eight months, after the death of former leader Afonso Dhlakama, said that his motto will prevail: "Renamo united for victory."

He said that his election strengthened the party's internal democracy, thanking the support of the military wing for allowing the making of the congress in Serra da Gorongosa, "a dream of the former leader", to be the place where Afonso Dhlakama met Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi during the recent peace talks.

However, Momade said he will continue to reside in the mountains of Gorongosa during the truce reached in 2016 between the government and Renamo, while the negotiations for "an effective peace" in the country are still in progress and he reiterated the "no return to war."

"This lesson [of not returning to war] is in our heads. We won't go to war, ever," said Ossufo Momade, assuring that Renamo "made the commitment" of the former leader, to pacify the country through dialogue.

The defeated candidates considered the elections "peaceful and democratic" and appealed the new president-elect not to waste their manifestos and to integrate their opponents' ideas into his governance program to strengthen Renamo.