Premium Minister calls climate change a 'Marxist plot'

Bolsonaro and Ernesto Araújo

Bolsonaro and Ernesto Araújo

Brazil is the laughing stock of international press because the new Foreign Minister said he believes global warming to be a 'Marxist plot'.

Brazil's new President-elect Jair Bolsonaro has appointed as Ministry of Foreign Affairs a man who believes that climate change is part of a conspiracy created by 'cultural Marxists' to weaken Western powers and promote China's growth, writes the British newspaper The Guardian in this Friday's issue.

Minister Ernesto Araújo, 51, was, until recently, a middle-ranking ministry official in the United States Department and a blogger against the 'criminalization' of red meat, against ecological opinions about oil and, even, in defense of heterosexual sex, British newspaper recalls. And it is this official, writes The Guardian, 'who will become the top diplomat of the largest nation in South America, representing 200 million people and the largest and most diverse forest mass of biodiversity on Earth, the Amazon.'

The new MFA believes that global warming and the resulting climate change are nothing more than a 'dogma.' In his blog, Ernesto Araújo wrote that his goal is 'to help rid Brazil and the world from the globalist ideology', an ideology that he sees as 'anti-Christian', the newspaper adds.

'This dogma has been used to increase the regulatory power of states over the economy and the power of international institutions in nation states and their populations and has also served to curb economic growth in capitalist western democracies, so as to promote China's growth', Araújo wrote in his blog a month ago.

China, the new MFA said in another post, is still under a mastery system 'masquerading as pragmatism and economic openness', writes Band's website. In another text, he mentions Maoism.

For now, Ernesto Araújo is not giving interviews, Band reports.