Lula's lawyers release a book about the judicial persecution theory

Lula da Silva

Lula da Silva

  |  Adriano Machado/REUTERS

Cristiano Zanin, Valeska Martins and Rafael Valim compare the former president's case with one concerning an American senator

At a press conference in October, 2016, attorney Cristiano Zanin Martins used an English expression to characterize the persecution he thought his client, former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, suffered from sectors of the judiciary.

In that day he used the term "lawfare," which would be repeated in other interviews and in court. The phrase, which brings together the words law and warfare, was created to indicate a political dispute waged through the judiciary. Now, Zanin and Valeska Teixeira Martins, who also defends Lula in "Lava Jato," and lawyer Rafael Valim talk about this theme in the book "Lawfare, An Introduction." The book compares Lula's case with that of an American senator and a multinational company.

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