Leaked messages reveal that Moro directed the investigations of Lava Jato

Sérgio Moro

Sérgio Moro

  |  DR

"The Intercept" website has published a series of reports this Sunday showing that the former federal judge and now Justice and Public Security Minister, Sergio Moro, exchanged messages with the Federal Attorney Deltan Dallagnol, coordinator of the Lava Jato operation, giving guidance on the investigations of the task force in Curitiba.

According to "The Intercept", Moro gave advice, anticipated decisions and demanded actions from the task force. The reports show that Dallagnol had personal doubts about the content of the complaint against former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the triplex case. They also accuse an alleged irregular operation between Moro and Deltan.

According to the "Intercept", Moro directed actions and demanded new operations to the prosecutors. According to the website, In one of the dialogues, Moro asked Dallagnol: "Isn't it too much time without an operation?". The head of the task force agrees: "Yes, it is."

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