Ladislau Embassa is the new Attorney General of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau

Ladislau Embassa

Ladislau Embassa

The President Ladislau Embassa appointed, today, the Attorney General of the Republic, according to a presidential decree sent to the press

"Mr. Ladislau Clemente Fernando Embassa has been appointed as Attorney General until the new President of the Republic takes office," the presidential decree states.

Ladislau Embassa held the position of president of the National Guinean Social Communication Council.

At the summit of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of West African States held in Abuja, Nigeria, it had been decided that the Guinean President had to appoint a new Attorney General and the new Government until today.

The former Attorney General of the country, Bacari Biai, resigned on Tuesday and the resignation was accepted by the Head of State.