Islamic State claims two new attacks in northern Mozambique

Islamic State claims two new attacks in northern Mozambique


The 'jihadist' Islamic State (EI) group has claimed two new armed attacks on civilian and military targets, causing several deaths in northern Mozambique, according to a statement it published in its weekly newsletter Al-Naba.

"On Wednesday, caliphate soldiers attacked a 'crusader' army post in the Christian village of Quiterajo, in the Cabo Delgado area, and killed many elements of the post, while those who survived fled," it is read in a translation of the Arabic newsletter to which Lusa had access today.

"The 'mujahideen' [attackers] took a variety of weapons and ammunition as rewards and also burned Christian village houses in revenge for Muslims," he adds. The group adds that in another operation, "caliphate soldiers" attacked another military post in the village of Cobre, "killing many of the elements and completely burning vehicles and tanks," and were able to appropriate weapons and ammunition. The claims coincide with other reports regarding the village of Quiterajo. The Center for Public Integrity's election observation bulletin, which follow the October 15 general voting campaign (presidential, legislative and provincial elections), reports that on Wednesday "a group of insurgents attacked the population of the administrative post of Quiterajo, district of Macomia."

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