Isabel dos Santos rejects accusations of the Executive

Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos


The businesswoman, owner of Urbinveste, rejects the Executive's grounds to withdraw this company from the work of Marginal of Corimba, in Luanda

"The statements of the existence of over-invoicing in the contracts or in the scope of the work of the dredging and construction work of Marginal da Corimba in Luanda are false and unfounded. The accusations of immorality or lack of transparency in the works awarded to the consortium made up of the Dutch company Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors BV and Urbinveste are also false and unfounded", says Isabel dos Santos, owner of Urbinveste and Landscape, in statement released in social networks.

Isabel dos Santos says that the consortium led by Urbinveste presents the cheapest value per square meter compared to similar projects in Qatar, Dubai and Indonesia. The businesswoman also regrets the fact that Urbinveste is the only company to leave the original consortium of construction of a new marginal in the country's capital.